About us

Who we are

In the life of every generation comes a moment that ushers in either an advancement or otherwise. For the youth province one puts represents an advancement of young persons who don’t wait to be told what to do but seizes the opportunity of making impact in the lives of those around them, their community and the nations.
We are all about Full Expression, Total Transformation where the concept of limitation does not exist and the ability to give expression to the gifting within you comes to life. We are a new breed without greed, standing for excellence and committed to raising the best of humanity in all fields of endeavor we are Youth Province 1. Read MoreĀ 


Full Expression Total Transformation (F.E.T.T).


Redefining and Leading the Future.

Our Core Values

C- Character H- Honor U- Upbeat R- Relevance C- Competence H- Hospitality


We are people of Character.


We Honor God first and one another.


We set and change trends.


We are Heaven Bound and earthly useful.


We build and attract competent leaders


We are big enough to accommodate you and small enough to acknowledge you.

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